How H&M Farms Became

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Back in 1975, H&M Farms was known as Penner Farms and worked 560 acres of cultivated land. It was Melvin Penner and his brother Hank who started the operation, which was incorporated as H&M Farms in 1989. H&M continues to be a family-run farm and is currently owned by Melvin’s nephew Kris Penner and son-in-law Kyle Friesen, with Melvin still helping out by providing guidance and support.

Looking Forward

Based in Altona, we also have additional locations in Austin, Gladstone, and Petersfield. We grow wheat, corn, soybeans, sunflowers, edible beans, hemp, oats, and feed grains throughout Manitoba. We employ a full-time workforce of more than 20 employees, with additional workers coming aboard during harvest.

Our Mission

H&M Farms Ltd. maximizes profitability on existing operations and adds complementary investments to capture opportunity and mitigate risk through diversification. Stakeholders strive to preserve a balance between work, personal, and family goals for employees and their families. Employees in leadership have the opportunity to actively share in business success.

Our Vision

To grow sustainable agriculture for future generations of employees, their families, and our communities.

Meet Our Staff


Kyle Friesen

Kyle started with H&M Farms in 2009 and has both a Diploma in Agriculture and a Degree in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba. He now oversees the financial aspects of the operation and the sales and movement of product as the current president, part owner, and business and marketing manager. During busy seasons, he enjoys operating machinery and getting his hands dirty with other farm-related tasks. Kyle enjoys building relationships with employees and values the opportunity to raise a family in an agricultural environment.


Kris Penner

Kris has been working for H&M Farms since 1997 when he started by doing field work and various jobs around the yard. After completing his Diploma in Agriculture in 2001, his involvement in the operation grew, and he is now part owner and Operations Manager. Kris oversees farm management and the repair and maintenance of equipment at each of the four locations. He also enjoys the teamwork that goes into the operation and is personally committed to helping employees realize their goals.


Cameron Hildebrand

After completing his Diploma in Agriculture at the University of Manitoba in 2002, Cameron joined H&M Farms as an agronomist. With previous experience growing seed and specialty crops for his family farm, his current role has him overseeing crop production management, with an emphasis on fertility, planting, pesticide application, harvest, and grain inventory. Cameron also looks after the farm data, record-keeping, and production analysis and takes pleasure in observing plant growth throughout the season and producing a good crop.


Melvin Penner

One of the founders of H&M Farms, Melvin has scaled back his day-to-day involvement but enjoys keeping apprised of the operation. He continues to look for efficiencies and enjoys building the company culture. It’s a freedom he appreciates, and he’s always on hand to provide assistance and advice.


Shawn Parago

As Controller at H&M Farms since 2016, Shawn manages the day-to-day transactions of the operation and compiles and analyzes data for financial planning. He enjoys keeping up with the continual changes in financial requirements as each crop year rolls through, and he appreciates learning new things about the agricultural world and its impacts on the world around us.

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