R12 Pork Ltd. is an early wean multiplier sow herd for Danbred North America located 4 miles south and 1 mile east of the town of Plum Coulee, Manitoba, CA (GPS units: 49.130204, -97.728785). The farm operates, does bookkeeping, and has major shares in the barn; Melvin Penner acts as president.

The hog barn has the capacity to hold approximately 2,750 sows. For breeding, artificial insemination techniques are exclusively used, and boars used for stimulation only. The gilt developer barn is located only a half block away, where 6 out of 14 boars are used to detect the heat cycles of the gilts for a second heat mating target. It can hold up to 325 animals. The barn receives 50 gilts bi-weekly to insure longevity in the herd.

The staff at R12 Pork includes ten employees. The Livestock Production Manager is Joel Heide, and he is assisted by Ben Fehr in the daily operations. There are four people on the farrowing team and four people on the breeding team. The breeding team is lead by Jake Fehr, and the farrowing team is lead by John Fehr.

The R12 barn has the ability to farrow out 130 sows per week with a goal of shipping 1,400 weaned piglets per week, at about 20 days of age. Our gilts are sold to commercial sow herds in the USA, and our barrows are sold locally where they are raised to 50 lbs and sold to the USA. We also work with the veterinary clinic Swine Health Professionals situated in Steinbach, MB.

Our goal as the R12 Pork team is to be among the most competitive early wean multipliers in the area. Through recent changes and a positive future we look forward to success.
R12 Pork
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R12 Pork

4 miles South and 1 mile
East of Plum Coulee, MB
49.13024 -97.728785

Where we are:

Joel Hide
Livestock Production

Barn: (204) 829-3638
Cell: (204) 362-4786
Fax: (204) 829-7773
email: r12@hmfarms.ca

P.O. Box 1270
Altona, MB, Canada R0G 0B0
Barn: (204) 829-3638

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